Operation Get Fit: The Scale Is a Sneaky Liar

Thursday January 25, 2018

You know that awesome feeling when you start getting the hang of something that was once challenging?

Kinda like when your coworker brings in donuts and you’ve mastered the “turn away and keep walking” approach.

(Even though that beautiful pink box taunts you all day).

For me, the second week was a stepping stone. I actually found myself looking forward to going to boot camp after work.

Instead of dreading the sweat and soreness, I walk through FBBC’s doors and say bring it on!

It’s become part of my daily routine, and every session brings me one step closer to my goal.

Even though I’m excited about the workouts, there is one little thing that threw me off track this week…

The Curse of the Scale 😱

The scale has been my enemy for as long as I can remember.

At one point, I was weighing myself every single day, multiple times throughout the day. Of course, this only led me to go into full on panic mode as I watched the scale go up and down.

Over the years, and many self love exercises later, I managed to leave the scale in the dust.

Nowadays I only check every once in a while. The scale is deceiving, and can’t tell you everything that’s going on in your body.

But these past couple of weeks, I noticed my stomach started to hang out like I just ate a 5 pound burrito.

Even my pants were fitting tighter!

Despite my better judgement, I hopped on the scale and was shocked to see the needle jump 3 pounds.

I couldn’t believe I was gaining weight. I’ve been eating clean, drinking water, working out 4 times a week, what could I possibly be doing wrong?!

Breathe, It’s Just Water Retention 💦

Like any person who’s experiencing weird bodily changes, I turned to the internet to help me solve this mystery.

Turns out, it’s normal to experience “weight gain” during the first few weeks of working out. Between diet changes and stressing my muscles, my body is basically trying to figure out what the hell is happening.

Apparently, water retention is a result of your body working to heal the tiny muscle tears (i.e why you’re sore.)

For those of you who are experiencing the same thing, don’t worry. It will pass once the shock of a new regimen wears off!

While I’m still not happy about the bloating, I’m happy to at least have some answers.

Overall, I’m feeling stronger and healthier every day. And that’s something the scale can’t measure. 💪🏽 😎

Has this happened to you? How do you overcome bumps in your fitness journey? Comment below, I would love to hear your story!

Tune in next week for another update! If you missed last week’s post, check it out here.

Your friendly neighborhood content writer,


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