The Fat Loss App That Brings Boot Camp to You

Wednesday December 06, 2017

Take a look at your phone.

That little gadget is more powerful than you even know. It’s basically a telephone, a stereo, a computer, a pager, a notebook, and a game system, all wrapped into one handheld device.

Now what if we took that phone to the next level and turned it into your very own Fit Body Boot Camp studio? Well, good news: that’s exactly what we did!

Introducing the Ultimate Fat Loss Workout, presented by Fit Body Boot Camp, available in the iTunes Store this January! 

Over the past year, Fit Body’s Web Team has rigorously tested, tuned, and perfected an app that compresses boot camp workouts into byte-sized pages you can access anywhere, anytime. We paired these workouts with an interactive cookbook and grocery lists that simplify nutrition down to a few button clicks.

Granted, this app is no replacement for the fat-melting, fun-loving workouts that you can only find at a Fit Body Boot Camp location. Still, this is the perfect way to try us out before you commit to an in-person session.

Let’s fly through a few of the awesome features this app has to offer!

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