Owner Spotlight: Hilarious, Heartwarming Charity with Joshua Commons

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We’ve got a Fit Body Boot Camp owner right now running a charity event that is heartwarming, hilarious, and fun, and we want to tell you all about it.

But first let’s talk about one of our core values.


We talk about community around here a lot, and usually we’re interested in it as a motivation tool.

We talk about what communities can accomplish together…

We talk about how community keeps you accountable…

We talk about being surrounded by role models…

And those are all important and true…but now let’s take a look at how communities work.

The best communities in the world get their power from a positive feedback loop powered by one simple idea:

It’s called “Paying it Forward.”

When a community has helped you improve your life, you “pay it forward” by doing something helpful for that community. Specifically, you find some way to help out the most vulnerable people in your community – the people who need it most.

BUT, it doesn’t stop there. In fact, we could argue that this is where the process begins…

Those people you helped out? They become the next ones to pay it forward…and then they inspire the next ones…and so on, creating an amazing cycle.

This cycle allows people like you to hop on at any time and improve their own lives.

So what does this cycle look like out in the real world?

It looks like Cans for Burpees, which is the charity event we mentioned earlier.

Cans for Burpees

Joshua Commons is the owner of Fit Body Boot Camp Carmel and he’s running special event from mid October to mid November 2015 to put more food in local food pantries.

That’s already an awesome idea, but Joshua is taking it one step further with a hilarious special twist.

The event is called Cans for Burpees, and it works like this: every time someone drops off a can of food at Fit Body Boot Camp Carmel, they also “donate” one burpee to the trainers there. So, for every donated can, the trainers have to perform one burpee.

If you’re new to the blog, you might not know what a burpee is.

We’ve talked about burpees a lot before, but all you need to know for now is that burpees are an incredibly effective full-body exercise – and performing them is pretty intense!

Don’t get us wrong: our boot camps are fun and supportive, but when our members are on the last five minutes of the workout and their trainer is asking them for that 15th burpee in a row…

Well, let’s just say our members wouldn’t mind a little bit of playful revenge.

And to really paint the picture for you: keep in mind that last year, Joshua and his members raised over 500 cans for this charity!

This year he’s challenging his community to raised double that number! 1000 cans of food for the hungry!

Talk about paying it forward in a HUGE way.

To all the Fit Body members in Carmel: YOU ROCK!

To all the Fit Body trainers in Carmel: good luck…

For this event, Fit Body Boot Camp Carmel is teaming up with Stilts Spirit – A Giving Tree, a non-profit Christian organization dedicated to helping those in need and breaking the cycle of poverty in Indiana.

Stilts Spirit – A Giving Tree was founded by Christina and Donnie Stilts. After nearly losing their toddler son to the flu, they resolved to create a “Legacy of Giving” and teach their sons the importance of mercy and charity by practicing it themselves.

King or Queen of the Castle

The holiday season is a popular time for charitable events, but for Joshua Commons and the good people at Fit Body Boot Camp Carmel, paying it forward happens all year long.

Case in point: next May, Joshua will host his King (or Queen) of the Castle challenge.

The challenge works like this: throughout the month of May, each of his members can earn points by attending workouts, sharing Facebook posts, and bringing their friends and family to workouts. At the end of the month, whoever has the most points wins the crown.

Now here’s where the charity comes in…

The King or Queen gets to choose a charity that will receive a special donation from Fit Body Boot Camp Carmel, but not just any donation…

Every July, Fit Body Boot Camp Carmel hosts a Dollars for Pounds Challenge. During the challenge, every pound that someone loses at boot camp will count as one dollar donated to the King or Queen’s charity of choice.

For those of you who are new to Fit Body Boot Camp, you might be thinking that doesn’t add up to much money. You’re thinking that each person in the challenge will only lose about 2 or 3 pounds if they’re lucky, and most won’t lose any at all.

Guess again!

Those numbers in your head come from traditional gym statistics.

Fit Body Boot Camp is not a traditional gym.

In the space of one month, some of our members have lost up to 23 pounds!

At this point you don’t even need to do the math – you know that the Dollars for Pounds challenge will stack up to one HUGE donation for some lucky charity.

Not to mention a lot of people are going to get in the best shape of their lives!

Paying it Forward

Paying it forward is such a wonderful thing. One could argue it’s the source of all the great things we have in society. A lot of people have worked hard to give us everything we have, so now we work hard to pass something even better to the next generation.

In fact, there’s a specific version of this we see throughout the fitness industry.

Many of our owners, including our founder Bedros Keuilian, can remember a time in their life when they were out of shape.

Maybe it was back in high school, maybe it was after years at a desk job – whatever the reason, they had a moment when they realized they wanted to change their lives.

And supportive people like Joshua gave them the power to do it.

Now those people are out there helping other people change their lives too!

It just goes to show – paying it forward can make a difference in MANY lives!


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