How to Use Your Mood to Achieve Fitness

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Wait, really?!?

You might scratch your head at the title of this blog. Maybe it never occurred to you that your emotions and your fitness are so closely related. Truth be told, they really aren’t at first glance…

Here’s something to chew on: emotions influence actions. Actions turn into behavior.

There are two types of people: those that live their lives by habit, and those that live off of emotion.

Which person are you?

Habits are the key to a long-term healthy lifestyle, but habits only form through repetition. That means you need to work out on a regular basis, even if you don’t always “feel like it.”

All you have to do is learn how to channel your emotions towards something productive…in this case, your fitness goals. Let’s check out a few ways you can do that!


When you’re happy…

Think back to the last time you felt upbeat…

Didn’t your goals seem a lot more reachable? Did you get that “itch” to be as productive as possible?

There’s no better time to work out than when you’re happy. Feed off of those positive vibes! Let me show you what I mean…

“I’m tired.” “I can’t lose weight.” “I’m a lost cause.”

These excuses signal a deeper issue: a lack of contentment. The excuse-maker can’t find anything that will satisfy them…

When you find true happiness, though, these excuses fade into the background. You start to believe in your abilities more and more. Ride that wave of momentum in your workouts and in your diet!


When you’re mad…

Let me be real for a second: there will be people and events that make you feel angry. Maybe at the world. Maybe at yourself or someone else. Who knows?

One of the last things people want to do when they’re mad is work out.

Here’s what I do know…

When you’re angry, you have energy. That energy is like money from a different country: it’s just as valuable as the money you have in your wallet, but only when you convert it into your home currency…

Energy works the same way. Take that negative energy and use it towards something positive. For example, you can join a fitness boot camp and use that energy to power through a 30 minute workout. Release all of that inner yuck on those dumbbells, kettlebells, and battle ropes.

Exercise is a well-known stress reliever. Use it to simmer down after a long day.


When you’re sad…

Break-ups. Career disappointments. Homesickness. Sad times come and go.

Those sad moments threaten to derail anyone’s fitness progress. One moment a person can be motivated, the next they’re on the couch with ice cream, tissues, and movie reruns on the TV…

Working out releases endorphins into your bloodstream, which make you feel happier. Plus, when you work out, you lose weight and gain confidence. Who doesn’t want to look and feel good?

Your diet can also increase your mood. Eat right, and you’ll gain the energy you need to get things done and feel like yourself again!

One last tip: try out Fit Body Boot Camp! Our locations promote a positive team atmosphere. Being around others can really lift your spirits. Find the location nearest you here!


IMPORTANT NOTE: This blog is NOT meant to downplay the seriousness of emotional stability. These tips are NOT meant to be long term solutions to deeper issues or problems. Consult a medical professional or counselor if your mood fluctuates excessively.

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