How to Find Your Prime Workout Time

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In a perfect world, you could choose any hour of the day to be your workout time.

Maybe you’re a night owl, and you’d like to work out just before going to bed. Or maybe you’d want to work out right in the middle of the afternoon, when your energy is just starting to dip and you could use the pick-me-up.

There’s just a slight problem…

You live in the real world! You got work all day, or kids you have to wrangle, or an endless list of chores – heck, a lot of you probably have all of the above! You probably can’t imagine choosing a “prime” workout time because you have it hard enough trying to find “any” workout time.

But you CAN have a prime workout time, and we’re going to show you how.

Let’s start by working backwards: what is your reason for working out? Probably, you’re just looking to lose weight, or better manage your health, or give yourself more energy throughout the day.

Those are all good reasons! In fact, those are the reasons we hear all the time from people who join our program. And when we get right down to it, most people aren’t too worried about the details of their fitness program.

They just want to get the results they want FAST.

So, when we talk about finding your prime workout time, we’re really talking about finding a workout time that fits in with your hectic schedule and is guaranteed to actually give you the results you want.

Which means you also need some way to make the most out of every second of your workout. You need something efficient. You don’t have time for anything else.

And on top of that you need a schedule you can actually stick to.

Put that all together, and what have you got? Short workouts, maybe just 30 minutes each, that you can do before or after work, with some sort of accountability system to help you stay on schedule.

Maybe that sounds like a tall order…admittedly, it would be tough for you to arrange all that on your own.

But what if you didn’t have to do it alone?

What if the exact program you’re imagining already existed?

Wouldn’t you want to go sign up for it right away?

You’re in luck – that program does already exist. It’s called Fit Body Boot Camp.

All of our workouts are 30 minutes long MAXIMUM. As you might imagine, our before and after work sessions are the most popular, but hey, maybe your schedule is different. Maybe your only chance to work out is at 11:00 am or 3:30 pm.

No problem. We run boot camp sessions all day long, which means you can find a time that’s right for you no matter what your schedule is.

But hang on…

You must be wondering how you’re supposed to lose weight by only working out 30 minutes at a time. After all, there are people who spend several hours a day, multiple days of the week, working out just so they can maintain their current weight.

In fact, you’ve probably been that person!

…which we think is all the more reason for you to start using our 30 minute workouts right away!

How do they work? Well, there’s a whole lot of science that goes into it, so we’ll just give you the short version for now. (If you’re curious, you can read more here.)

Basically, our 30 minute workouts are so effective at speeding up your metabolism that your body will keep burning fat up to 31 hours after your workout!

How’s that for efficient?

Two young women who have trained their bodiesPlus, our program comes with a built-in accountability system in the form of your trainer and your fellow boot campers.

Because here’s the thing: even with the most sophisticated fitness plan, a lot of people struggle to lose weight because they just end up getting bored and quitting.

With our friendly, positive, encouraging atmosphere – and a whole group of people ready to give you a motivation boost if you’re struggling – you just plain won’t want to quit.

In fact, a lot of our members stay on for years after they’ve gotten in shape just out of sheer love for the community!

Now it’s time for you to find YOUR prime workout time. It’s time for you to join a fitness program guaranteed to get you the results you want. Visit our website to find a boot camp near you! Start transforming your life and your body today!

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